Listed below are examples of training programs Rosanne has developed and presented to client and professional organizations.

Yes, You Can – Documentation Essentials

Documentation of issues with employee performance and conduct is the responsibility of management and human resource professionals. Learn how to create documentation that is effective, defensible and consistent with your organization’s values.

Selecting for Success

Learn how to structure the hiring process, including best practices for screening, interviewing and selection to attract the best available talent.

Legal Basics for Leaders

An understanding of laws covering non-discrimination, non-retaliation, wage and hour, Family and Medical Leave, health and safety, workers compensation and unemployment compensation makes an informed and prepared supervisor and reduces risk. This workshop provides an overview of federal and state laws for those who manage people and are not HR professionals.

Respect: The Harassment-Free Workplace

We have four distinct generations in today’s workplace and an increasingly diverse workforce. This workshop focuses on how to create an environment that values diversity and inclusion, fosters engagement and is free of unlawful harassment.